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A company, either small or big one, is more or less like an engine. Many parts relay on each other, but the goal is the same — to move forward, as fast and as safe as possible.

Agile software companies, that want to stay ahead of their competition often invest in establishing Product Discovery Teams.

What are product discovery teams?

Product discovery teams are different from product delivery teams, but this distinction is still not clear for most companies. Product delivery teams execute. They leverage know-how and best practices to build, sustain, and maximize on a known solution.
Product discovery teams — explore. They don’t…

Let’s get Marketing vs Developers. How to boost their collaboration? Make everyone happy letting them work in their tool of choice while keeping all the work synchronized.

So many IT companies have big issues with managing their team effectively while keeping everyone productive, happy and involved. In the overwhelming world, where we have apps for everything, and everyone has their own preferences it’s becoming more and more challenging to scale that approach to a company level.

Just in the “Product Management and Roadmapping Tools” category on the Gartner website, we have 20 different products including Atlassian Jira, Asana,, or Wrike. And we know for sure, that this list is incomplete (f.e. Trello and Azure DevOps are missing). Same goes with IT Management Software, Capterra listing shows…

Automate the work of teams.

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