Integrating several ServiceNow instances, and Jira. Switching from ConnectAll to


Client: Retail Assist

Location: United Kingdom (UK)


Integrate client’s Jira Data Center to two ServiceNow instances of separate contractors. Integration has to be done in real-time, the tool needs to sync thousands of issues weekly.

This integration is business-critical for Retail Assist, and there is no room for downtime or mistakes.
The client was choosing between and ConnectAll. In the end, getint was chosen to execute the job. provided license for platform, custom development services, and Premium SLA.

About the Client

Retail Assist has been working with technology and retailers since 1999. With a strong retail background, they deliver a whole host of managed IT services and retail IT software solutions to support their growing client base.

Whether it’s through their IT managed services, such their award-winning Help Desk, or through their software solution offerings, they work with a wide variety of clients to help them to deliver outstanding customer service.

The challenge

Integrate Jira Data Center with two ServiceNow instances. In real-time, two-ways, with comments, attachments, and custom fields. The client required a high level of security and efficiency (no limits on data transfers), that is why the on-premise deployment version of was chosen.

Retail Assist required our assistance in the whole process from planning the integration, deploying the app, to having three months Premium SLA afterward to make sure everything works smoothly. In the process of making the decision, the responsiveness, friendliness, and proactiveness of the getint team were crucial.

During the trial only, we exchanged hundreds of emails and had to pass screening executed by the business department.


Retail Assist chose to buy 2 annual licenses of Getint Jira — ServiceNow integration app. During the trial we worked together with Retail Assist’s CTO, and the business side to first list all the requirements, and then to meet them. The client needed advanced statuses transitions — the statuses are synchronized between Jira and Snow in a way, that each team can change the status of the incident without the other team knowing about it. The case required plenty of custom development, f.e. adding Insight custom fields synchronization. Our tech team was in touch with Retail Assist’s team on a daily basis — we introduced slack-based communication, and we put all the tasks on Jira to make sure everything was running smoothly. Our friendly, can-do approach was one of the main factors that made us win this client.


  • Migration from ConnectAll to was very smooth
  • There are ~2000 incidents synced daily, including attachments, comments, and custom fields
  • The average time of syncing one incident is about 30 seconds
  • The integration with both ServiceNow instances (2 different contractors) is done in parallel, thanks to putting each of them on different tenant / different platform instance
  • Uptime was, and still is at 99.99%
  • Implementation of had 0 influence on the Jira DC performance
  • Retail Assist got back to us, asking to develop Fresh Service — Jira — ServiceNow integration, which we’re currently working on

Quote on the Atlassian Marketplace:

Been working with Getint for a few months now and can genuinely say they are the hardest working team I’ve met!

Always eager to help, to expand their product, and to meet or normally exceed our expectations.

Their product is easy to work with, quickly deployed, and far superior to the competitor product we used to use.

Highly recommended!

by Richard Winstock

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