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Product discovery team vs delivery team. Same goals, different tools. Achieve more effective collaboration, and save an extra workday.

A company, either small or big one, is more or less like an engine. Many parts relay on each other, but the goal is the same — to move forward, as fast and as safe as possible.

Agile software companies, that want to stay ahead of their competition often invest in establishing Product Discovery Teams.

What are product discovery teams?

How those two (Discovery and delivery team) cooperate, while both are using different software?

In our case, the Product development team use Asana on the project management side because it’s lightweight and anybody in the department can jump in and create a task without much technical knowledge. The development team requires something more powerful — so they have chosen Jira (in some companies, the development team uses Azure DevOps instead). Both work very well for those teams if we would treat them individually. But the fact that two departments use different tools harms the company. Discovery Team had to select one person, Tom, to act as a bridge between teams and apps. Tom started with manually copying and pasting tasks, issues, descriptions, statuses and so on. He needed to monitors to constantly check the updates. If one task was created in Asana, he immediately was creating an identical one in Jira. He needed almost 30 minutes to double-check everything, to make sure all fields, attachments, and crucial data were copied in both tools. Imagine what would happen, if Tom will make a simple human error — plenty of manhours will be lost. As you can imagine, taking care of two tools wasn’t the only job that Tom had — so there were lags in communication, resulting in wasting even more hours.

A better way

Automate the work of teams.